Summer Summary 2013

Happy fall and all that goes along with it! Now that daylights savings time has ended and we are being hurled into long, dark days, I should have ample time to blog.

Despite the slightly depressing turn our weather has taken, we have no complaints about our summer/fall which largely consisted of sunny, warm days and and just general awesomeness. Again, that stint just came to a screeching halt. Yay! Except opposite…

This is how we spent the majority of our summer… Skipping rocks and wading in creeks, rivers and, occasionally, a stagnant pond.

Are you marveling at the scenery at our favorite place to play?


I know. It’s stunning. However, fostering a cultured upbringing for the boys has only gone so far.

Here is the outside of our yard… lookin’ all refined with its stone walls, moss and whatnot.


But inside those walls?

We kept it pretty whisky tango in the yard with our Slip’n’Slide and giant mud hole. Our neighbors were thrilled, I’m sure. And by neighbors, I, of course, mean livestock.Image

In the midst of this weather utopia, we gave gardening a try…

NOTE – Kids need a little more instruction than “plant these seeds about three inches apart.” At least those kids that have no concept of space or measurement.


Before I knew it, Sul had emptied an entire packet of carrots in two small rows. I believe the suggestion on the packet was for approximately 20 five-foot rows. So yeah…


And here is the proof that ANYONE can successfully garden while living in England.

Shockingly, the carrots thrived! And so did silk worms and slugs. I spent a lot of my free time assassinating them.


This guy was a little harder to take care of when he came to visit my garden.

The boys named him “Tony” and tried to capture him as their pet.

They failed. Such a shame.


In addition to our gardening pursuits, we were blessed with an entire summerful of wonderful visits from family/friends. IT. WAS. THE. BEST.

Peedles led the onslaught with her usual decorum…


And just a touch of violence.


Then came our favorite people that live in Belgium!

Re: the picture below… I’ll go ahead and address the elephant in the room. I am well aware of that time last year when I publicly scorned kids who swam in their skivvies. What can I say? I’ve gone Euro.

(Not really. I still shave.)


Next was our beloved Mel followed by our beloved Deans!

Below, Mel and I are hoofing it around London on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year. Good news though – every building in England has air conditioning so it was no big deal.

Oh wait. That’s right… NO buildings on this island have any cooling mechanism whatsoever. Regardless, we tore up the town even though we were drenched glistening with sweat.


It cooled down a bit by the time Paul & Kathleen arrived making our pub visits quite pleasant (and our house a teensy tiny bit less like an oven).

Here they are in the beer garden at our favorite pub. It’s pretty great… the garden overlooks a kid play area, complete with a rickety, tetnus-ridden climbing area. It’s like you’re tempting fate every time you send your kids down the stairs to play.

The boys love it.


Granny wrapped up our summer visits which coincided perfectly with Jay blowing his entire knee out (more on this in the next blog). She is always a huge help and joy to have, but doubly so this past visit since I was down a parent in the rotation.

Here we are visiting the Harewood House (a ginormous “country house”) post-injury. Jay was a trooper considering more than half of the visit consisted of walking on a 45 degree hill to see a really beautiful and large bird sanctuary (penguins! There were penguins!!).

Turns out that walking hills with no ligaments to hold your knee together is not a great idea.


The rest of our summer consisted of the normal Jackson fare.

Knox has really taken to mountain biking.


However, this new pastime is significantly more challenging for his brother who rides a bike roughly the same size as the one a bear rides in the circus. Who knew how poorly those tiny wheels would do over rough terrain?


Sul’s extracurricular activity is still largely the same.


Every knight pops his hip when posing for a picture.


Proof that a well-placed cape can class up any outfit.


He is on the tail end (I hope) of wearing a Spiderman costume (that is just a touch too small) for nearly one month – straight. Turns out that the cheap poly-blend fabric is not meant for such heavy wear/washing. Tatters. It is in tatters.


When they aren’t bike riding or saving the planet from certain demise, there is a lot of this:

Knox reads a book…


…and then talks his brother into reenacting it.

Here, Knox (aka Buck) is pulling Sul is in a “sled.”


These two…

Managing to bottle up the steam and smile like gentleman.Image

Only to be followed by this. And 100 other pictures like it.


**So as to hold myself accountable, I am publicly declaring that within the next week, I’ll catch up on the blog with our fall activities.  


4 responses

  1. loved the update…kids are having a great upbringing…how wonderful to have such country living and love the garden…great job…looking forward to the “fall” update…

  2. Such a fun read after a long lull. Keep it up, baby! Hysterical, as always!

  3. Thank you so much! Made my day! And I swear they have grown since I was there!


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