London, a New Knee and a Loose Tooth

Well, well… I managed another post within a relatively short time period! You’re welcome, mom.

Fall has been fast-paced and wonderful thus far!  Well, perhaps I should say “was” awesome since winter seems to have arrived?

The boys are tackling school with their typical enthusiasm – and flair for dress.  Pretty sure Knox was James Bond during this particular school day (yes, that is a suit jacket). 


Sul was just “a really cool guy” – his go-to when he isn’t wearing his (falling apart) Spiderman costume.


After two solid months of school, Peedles and Poppy rolled in a couple of weeks ago to provide a much-needed break.  We gave them about 24 hours to adjust to the time change before we dragged them to London for a few days.

Knox helped pack himself.


Sul was up (so) bright and (so) early each morning, excited to head downtown.

(It’s milk, people.  Calm down.)


Recurring scene every morning at the train station: Jay looks something up while I simultaneously sip my coffee and observe him work (I am so helpful!). 

Speaking of this though, this is another way in which he is my perfect match.  He is kind of the best at planning trips.  And I am kind of the best at going on them.   Win-win.IMG_6118

And here is a quick montage of the sights we hit.

Posing with a horse from HRH Household Calvary.  (The boys clearly lost the “make cool faces and gang signs” competition.)


You know what’s heaven to any kid regardless of temperature or precipitation?  A double-decker bus.

(If you look closely, you can see Jay gritting his teeth as he got pelted in the face with rain.) 


Mom and dad soaking in all there is to see of Westminster Abbey.


A complete natural, no?


And here is why I dislike asking people to take pictures for me.  Could she not have zoomed in just the tiniest bit?  Anyway, enjoy this picture of us all ant-like in front of the Tower of London.


Boys killing time with a Beefeater.


Fave room for the majority of our group as it was full of armor, weapons and artillery.


Big Ben! 

(Look!  A tiny spire coming out of the top of Jay’s head!)





Knox was kind of losing it as far as pictures go at this point, but I felt we needed to document the London Eye.


Aaaannnddd… Sul’s highlight of the trip (more so than taking him to one of the largest toy stores in the world)riding in a taxi. 

Prior to the ride, he had lamented to us that he had ridden on all forms of transportation but a taxi.  Well, our bad luck (our bus stopped running and left us quite far from our destination) was his good fortune.  He was seriously about to explode. 

And after all, what’s more fun than cramming six people into the back of a small car?


I’ll stop the trip overload and move on now.  I assume I have lost about 70% of my readers at this point…

As soon as we got home from our trip, we had other business to attend to. 

As mentioned in my previous post, Jay blew out his “good” knee out this fall in a football game. I’ll save you the long drawn-out story and suffice it to say that a fractured tibia plus a bunch of torn ligaments will land a person squarely on the surgeon’s table every. single. time.

He took it in stride though.

jay surgery

So here’s a fun fact…  I’m not so great with injuries. 

As a mom of two reckless adventurous boys and wife of a guy who is just as reckless daring in his extracurricular activities, it would probably be funny if it wasn’t SO true.  And inconvenient since we have a regular rotation of stitches, broken bones or black eyes in this house – ALL of which make me nauseous. 

So you can imagine how well I handled the unveiling of the knee post-surgery.  (My sis-in-law thought I was sleeping in this pic.  I wasn’t.)

knee niki

While I managed my nausea tended to Jay (he just rang his bell when he needed something), Peedles and Poppy were doing a lot of this…  It was a great distraction for the boys.  Peedles even bravely subbed as their teacher for a day.




(**Note the black eye. Wasn’t kidding earlier…)

Anyway, once I got my act together (Jay is doing great, btw), I was presented with this little gem. 

A snaggle tooth with a still-very-intact root. (It was knocked much looser than it should have been when his face ran into the headboard.  Typical.)

tooth 3

After Knox assessed (mostly through youtube) as to how best remove said tooth, this happened.

Jay rallied big time for this event and came to do the honors of tying the tooth to the door.

tooth 1

And it worked (?!?!)  I felt a huge little pang of sadness at how much his sweet little face had changed!  I’m sure the first of many to come, but still… 

tooth 2

Halloween was pretty awesome this year.  This is the only photo of the kids’ costumes so I’m thankful for the photo booth that was at a party we hit!  (They picked out my accessories… I’m still not clear sure that thing on my head is.)

halloween 2013

And I’ll end with this.  I have yet to tire of the scenery that surrounds us.  We have been incredibly blessed to live somewhere that is absolutely stunning no matter which way you turn, no matter what season it is. 

To this, I head out most mornings for a run before anyone in my house is awake.  It is my time to be out alone, to enjoy the scenery and just to spend some time with God, praising Him for His perfection in an imperfect world.  However, this formula doesn’t always work.  A couple of days ago I was feeling exhausted from life (and indulging in some self-pity if we’re keeping it real) and had to force myself to pound out the last few miles while keeping my sulky eyes squarely focused on the pavement.  When I finally looked up – this is what was staring back at me.    (It was actually a double rainbow when I first looked, but had faded by the time I got my camera in action.)  rainbow

In the midst of my bad attitude, it was such a poignant reminder (and really, a swift kick in the rear) that when my focus is directed down – not lifted up where it should be – I am missing out on God’s blessings!  And also missing the opportunity to serve and bless others which is equally unfortunate. 

And let’s keep it real… without relying on God’s mercy, grace and strength, there is no way I am going to successfully raise these hooligans. 

I mean – just look at ‘em.

(Pictures not staged. Again… keeping it real.)



So that is that!  I’ll be back soon (with less drawn-out posts), but in the meantime, this is likely where you’ll find us – hoofing it around the woods.





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  2. Sweet! :):)

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  3. Great post! My fave 2 pics were the one of you trying not to puke and Jay rocking it out in hospital linens.! Glad he didn’t turn around!

    Love you!

  4. Wanda and David Casto | Reply

    Loved the pictures and captions. You are great Nicki with your comments. So glad that your mom and dad got to visit. They were both really looking forward to seeing you all.

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