The Babies are Baaaaack!

Our (once promiscuous) neighbors have been having babies like it’s their job.

We were able to watch the end of this little guy’s entrance into the world which was cool.  However, I must admit our awe wavered a bit when the mom started chowing down on the placenta.

Just trying to look at some babies here – not have a heavy anatomy-related conversation with the boys at 7 a.m. 


This tactic cracks me up.  This lamb apparently gave up, but usually when the babies crawl on top of their mom, it’s to bounce and bug her until she stands so that they can nurse. 

Way to ride that one out, mama. 


These guys…  They really are as sweet as they look. 

(And so were the lambs.)


Just in case those last pics were too precious, this is what’s going down when they aren’t cuddling a newborn.


And this. 


And this. 

The boys recently took up whittling as a past time.  Ron Swanson Knox was ambitious (naturally) with his first real carving and chose a rather sizeable (and very hard) log. 

He was not deterred.


Even when others mocked.


He was like a dog with a bone.

(Sometimes you just need better leverage.)


Not to be left out, Sul a chilly Spiderman was given a butter knife which I expected would frustrate more than thrill. 


Turns out if you’re dogged enough, you can turn a stick into a rather sharp spear with a butter knife


Taking a necessary break from whittling (blisters, anyone?), we took a field trip to a local glassblowers shop.  So cool. 

After fielding 100 questions about the temperature of the furnace, whether liquid glass is hotter than liquid magma and whether a volcano would be able to melt glass chips, the artist allowed them each to blow a piece.


Everything else has been pretty typical. 

The other day, I heard Sul bellowing for his brother from the laundry room.  I finally went in to see what it was about only to find this – Sul desperately trying to convince Knox to “warm him up.” 

Knox shut that down.

(Sidenote – I am so thankful for the somewhat rare but wonderful instances where common sense wins!)IMG_1603

Then about five minutes later, I heard more hysterical laughter and went back in to find this.

Spoke.  To.  Soon.


Hmmm…what else…Jay is finally up the upswing after a very long seven months and several surgeries on his knee.  A few weeks ago he recently had this nifty pump installed which he got to carry around in a little man purse. 

It was precious

But all good things come to an end and he had to give the purse and pump back.  He is doing great and we are so thankful for all the prayer support he has received during this time.  Without it, we both would have gone crazy. 

We are thankful for a faithful God who gives grace when needed!  And now, we are praising God that this journey is finally coming to an end. 

Jay’s pump and me nailing the Vanna.

pump pic

This guy tried to steal Jay’s spotlight a few weeks ago with his own knee injury.  He quickly realized that this is one area he does not want to be like daddy.


And I leave you with this.  First, spy 109’s ID.

It’s hard to read, but once we deciphered the spy-like faint lines, you can imagine how thrilled we were to learn that not only does Sul say no to drugs but that he is also amenable to learning. 

Dodged a bullet there.


And lastly…who doesn’t love a guy in a uniform?  Especially one without all of his teeth Smile.



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  1. Larissa Lincoln | Reply

    Loved the updates…looking forward to the Easter ones….happy spring…

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  2. Wanda and David Casto | Reply

    Love seeing your blogs, Nicki. Sounds like your family is having such a great experience. Have a great week-end. Love, Wanda and David

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