Oh heeeyyyy there…. Welcome back, welcome back! 

Exciting news.  I’ve discovered gifs (the ridiculous videos below).  Kidding… we have other exciting news.  (But seriously, I have discovered gifs.  And they are like sunshine on a rainy day.  You’re welcome.)

So this blog was something I started for fun – just to keep track of our boys’ antics and journey living overseas. However, it is going to take a slight deviation from its original course. Why? Because the course of our family has recently shifted as well – but in the best way possible and I hope to share some of that journey through this blog.

Let me bring you up to speed real fast… We are no longer living in the Yorkshire Dales (sniffle), but are now firmly planted in the suburbs of D.C. While this may seem like the big change referenced above, it is not. That being said, moving to a bustling city after living among peaceful sheep and cows for a few years did cause a tiny bit of whiplash (the traffic and hectic pace of this place alone deserves its own post).  Kidding… mostly.  We are all settled and loving life as we are close to family and old friends after being gone for nearly a decade. 

So now that we’re all caught up, let’s get down to business.  And that business is how we are transitioning from being a family of four to becoming this millennium’s Jackson 5! 

Psh… please.  Watch your back, Michael, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon.

jackson 5

We are smack in the middle of the adoption process and hope to soon* have a sweet baby joining our family.  (*The word “soon” is relative, but still… it is in our future:). 

Despite what may seem to be a quick announcement and fast movement, God has been working on our hearts and preparing our family for this calling for nearly a decade, but only recently did we feel called to jump feet first into the process.

I will get down to the details soon, but first and most importantly, this post is to say thank you.  Thank you to everysingleperson.  who has loved on us since we announced our news.  I can’t find the words to craft a sentence that fully describes how God has used you to fill our hearts with your endless and freely given support.  Prayer.  Financial.  Physical.  Spiritual.  The list goes on and on.  It has been incredibly overwhelming and incredibly humbling. 

To this, I’m sorry I haven’t expressed my appreciation more readily.  I have quickly learned that adoption is not something to be pursued or fulfilled in a vacuum.  At least not our adoption. 🙂  God immediately showed us that if our family was going to embark on this journey, we would need to allow others to be part of the journey with us.  Not just watching, but actually participating. 

While this may seem like common sense to you, my too-proud, too-independent and (ahem) self-righteous heart has had a hard time adjusting to this fun fact.  I mean, this adoption thing was going to cause me to humble myself and actually ask others for support?  And not just peripheral support.  But the kind of support that demands you allow others to get into the trench with you.  To be open with them.  To be transparent. 

Oh boy. 

My initial response was all

no than you



But…  it turns out that self-reliance is a myth that does nothing but cripple you in the end.  And it is also pretty much one of my worst qualities that is being broken – and I am grateful for that.

So now? 


Let’s do this thing.


God did not call us to walk through life alone!  We are not called to bear our burdens alone or celebrate our blessings within the confines of an insular life.

While I know that not everyone is called to adopt a child into their life, it has become beautifully apparent that many are called to be part of an adoption story – even if it is not their own.  We have heard from so many people about how God has given them an intense burden for the orphaned and how walking our journey with us has been a blessing to them.  This sent me reeling… And again, humbled me. 

So again, we thank you.  Thank you for walking this journey with us.  For your consistent prayers, your sweet notes, your encouraging texts, your generous financial support, your insanely large donations to our yard sale (more on this in another post), your unabashed excitement, your time, and for your selflessness. 

We love you.

thankk you

PS – I promise not to be so gif heavy in the future.  Not because they aren’t amazing (b/c they are), but more because they are a total time suck and present a black hole in which I tend to get lost.  Oops.  Who wouldn’t get sucked into looking at this though?!?!  Also, the font is all messed up on this post, but I have wasted too much time at this point on cat videos that I have no time to fix it.  Apologies all around.

cat jump


4 responses

  1. Christine Mayfield | Reply

    Ohh man, dude from the power rangers was the best gif ever! I was so distracted I barely read the ending ha! Kept singing ‘go go power rangers’ a show that I will probably never let the kids watch ;).

    1. I am laughing so hard. I KNEW that guy was familiar!!! Only you would know that and bring it to my attention. Oh how I love that about you :).

  2. You are the best. THE best. And you know we’re on your side.

  3. We are so excited to love on another new family member – whenever it may be!

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